Ask the NPG to End Its Threats

On July 10, 2009, the Wikipedia user Dcoetzee received a legal document from Farrer & Co LLP, demanding the removal of several thousand images of public domain art that had been uploaded to Wikipedia.

    While not claiming that the user was violating the copyright of the original works of art themselves, which are understood to be in the public domain, it was claimed that the user was is in violation of UK laws for infringing upon the copyrights claimed upon the digital photographs of the original images, the database rights as outlined in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, and the violation of the website's terms of use in downloading the images.

    A copy of the legal letter received by the user has been posted to Wikimedia here:

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Protest the NPG's Legal Threats

Consider contacting the NPG and asking them to back off from this and similar threats in the future.

Here is the Contact page for NPG.

NPG Contact Us Page

Consider contacting their complaint and suggestion department, listed at the bottom left of the page.

Here is a form letter you can use or edit to your liking for submission to the NPG.

Proposed Complaint Letter 1.0

I also welcome suggestions for improvement or alternate letters to post here.